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  Parallel parking   Parking which takes place in line with the flow of vehicles   Längsparken   aparcamiento en cordón   Sosta parallela   langsparkeren   Stationnement en long

  Park and ride   Where drivers park and transfer to bus or train to reach their destination   Park and Ride   park and ride / aparcamiento disuasorio   Sosta di scambio   park and ride   Parc relais

  Parking Accumulation   the number of parked vehicles in an area at any specified moment                    

  Parking area       Stellplatzareal       Area di parcheggio        

  Parking attendant   An officer employed direct by a council or through a specialist contractor engaged by councils to issue Penalty Charge Notices   Personal zur Überwachung des ruhenden Verkehrs   vigilante de zona azul   Ausiliare del traffico   parkeerwachter/ parkeercontroleur   Agent verbalisateur

  Parking Cash-Out   This means that people who are offered a free parking space are also offered the cash equivalent when they use alternative transportation modes and so do not impse parking costs           Cifra equivalente alla tariffa del parcheggio per l’uso di un        

  Parking charge   The price charged for a period of parking   Parkentgelt / Parkgebühr   Tarifa   Tariffa   parkeer tarief   Tarif

  Parking disc       Parkscheibe       Disco orario        

  Parking duration   the time a vehicle spends parking                    

  Parking fine   A fine enforceable through the courts for a penalty issued by the police for a traffic or parking offence   Verwarnungsgeld   Multa de Aparcamiento   Sanzione amministrativa   parkeerboete   Procès verbal, amende

  Parking Load per Parking Place   the time a parking place is occupied (expressed in vehicle-hours per parking place)                    

  Parking lot       Parkplatz (einzeln)       Parcheggio in struttura        

  Parking lot search traffic       Parksuchverkehr                

  Parking Management   Strategies aimed at making better use of available parking supply   Parkraummanagement                

  Parking Meter   A payment meter serving one or two on street parking bays which displays the time remaining   Parkuhr   parquimetro   Parchimetro   parkeermeter   Parcmètre

  Parking Meter (pay and display)   A meter which dispenses tickets for display in the car serving on or offstreet parking spaces   Parkscheinautomat   multiparquimetro   Parcometro   Parkeerautomaat   Horodateur

  Parking Penalty   A penalty issued by the police or parking attendant for the violation of a parking regulation   Verwarnungsgeld   denuncia de Aparcamiento   Penale per la sosta   parkeerboete   Procès verbal, amende

  Parking permit   A permit for display within a vehicle allowing parking for a specified time or purpose   Parkausweis   permiso especial de aparcamiento   Permesso di sosta   parkeervergunning   Carte resident

  Parking place       Parkplatz (einzeln)       Posto auto        

  Parking place search traffic   The traffic generated because of drivers searching for a on ground, on road parking place   Parksuchverkehr       Traffico per la ricerca di un posto auto        

  Parking pressure       Parkdruck       Stress da parcheggio        

  Parking purpose overlay/overlap       Parkzwecküber-lagerung       Proposte per la sovrapposizione        

  Parking side               Lato per il parcheggio        

  Parking Space       Parkplatz (mehrere)       Area di parcheggio        

  Parking space concept       Parkraumkonzept       Concetto di spazio di parcheggio        

  Parking space management   Strategies aimed at making better use of available parking supply.   Parkraum-
      Gestione degli spazi di parcheggio        

  Parking spot       Parkplatz (einzeln)       Punto di parcheggio        

  Parking Supply   the number of parking places within an area                    

  Parking taxes       Parksteuer       Tariffa di parcheggio        

  Parking ticket       Parkticket       Biglietto        

  Parking Turnover   the number of different vehicles parked in a parking place during a specific time period (expressed in vehicles per parking space)                    

  Parking Volume   the total number of vehicles involved in a parking load                    

  Parking Voucher   A voucher which is validated by the driver to indicate the time of arrival at a voucher parking place   Parkschein   tarjeta pre-pago   Voucher (grattino)   parkeervoucher   Chèque parking

  Parking Warden   An attendant providing security and enforcement within an off street car park   Parkhauspersonal   Vigilante o auxiliar de seguridad   Vigilante   parkeerwachter/ parkeercontroleur   parkeerwachter/ parkeercontroleur

  Passenger   A passenger is defined as any person who makes a journey using a public or private conveyance by land or water or air.   Passagier   Passager            

  Passenger Car   Road motor vehicle, other than a motor cycle, intended for the carriage of passengers and designed to seat no more than nine persons (including the driver)   Personenkraftwagen (PKW)               Voiture particulière

  Passenger-kilometre   Unit of measure representing the transport of one sea passenger over one kilometre   Passagier-Kilometer               Voyageur-kilomètre

  Pay And Display   A payment system where the driver decides how long to stay and purchases the appropriate ticket for display within the vehicle   Parkscheinautomat   tiquet pre-pago   Paghi e esponi   pay&display   Horodateurs

  Pay On Departure   Where the driver pays on leaving the car park, either paying an attendant or at a machine   Zahlen bei Verlassen, Zahlen bei Ausfahrt   Pago a la Salida   Pagamento in uscita   betaling bij uitrijden   Paiement a La Sortie

  Pay On Entry   Where the driver pays on entering the car park either paying an attendant or at a machine   Bei Einfahrt zahlen   Pago a la Entrada   Pagamento all’ingresso   betaling bij inrijden   Paiement a L’entrée

  Pay On Entry (Manual)       Bei Einfahrt zahlen (Handkassierung)   Pago a la Entrada (Manual)   Pagamento manuale   betaling bij inrijden (handmatig)   Paiement a L’entrée (Manuel)

  Pay on foot   Where a driver pays for parking at a machine before returning to the car and receives a validated ticket which operates the exit barrier   Zahlen am Kassenautomaten   pago en cajero automático   Pagamento prima di recarsi all’auto   pay on foot   Paiement à pied

  Pay point   A kiosk of machine where the customer can pay for parking   Zahlstelle   Area (Zona) de Pago   Cassa   kassa   Poste de péage

  Peak time   The busiest time in a car park   Stosszeit   Hora Punta   Ora di punta   piekuren   Heure de pointe

  Pedestrian crossing   A place designated for pedestrians to cross a road or aisle   Fußgängerüberweg   Paso de Peatones   Passaggio pedonale   oversteekplaats voor voetgangers   Passage pétion

  Penalty Charge Notice PCN   A notice issued by a Parking Attendant to a vehicle or to the person appearing to be in charge of a vehicle which is believed to be parked in contravention of the council’s Traffic Regulation Order   Verwarnung   denuncia de aparcamiento       parkeerbon   Procès verbal, amende

  Permit   A document, designed for display inside a vehicle allowing parking for a specified time or purpose   Erlaubnis   Permiso de Aparcamiento   Permesso   parkeervergunning   vignette

  PIN   A personal identification number used in conjunction with a credit or debit card   PIN-Code   PIN – Clave Personal   Codice PIN   PINcode   Code confidentiel

  Pre Paid Card   A card which is purchased in advance of parking and used for payment for parking   Karte mit vorausbezahltem Guthaben   Tarjeta Prepago   Carta prepagata   waardekaart   Carte prépayée

  Prepayment   Payment in advance of the time of parking   Vorauszahlung   Prepago   Pagamento anticipato   vooraf betaling   Prépaiement

  Private car park   A car park which is privately owned and is for the exclusive use of the owner   Privates Parkhaus   Aparcamiento Privado (Particular / de residente)   Parcheggio privato   privé parkeerter- rein   Parc privé

  (municipal) public affairs office       Ordnungsamt       Ufficio municipale per le pubbliche relazioni        

  Public car park   A car park which is available for anyone to use   Öffentliches Parkhaus   Aparcamiento Público   Parcheggio pubblico   openbaar parkeerterrein   Parc public

  Public road/ highway       Öffentliche Strasse   Vía Pública   Strada pubblica   openbare weg   Voirie

  Purpose of passenger journey   The reasons for undertaking a journey are:
i) Leisure, recreation and holidays
ii) Visiting friends and relatives
iii) Business and professional
iv) Health treatment
v) Religion and pilgrimage
vi) Other
  Reisezweck               Motif des déplacements de voyageur