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Planning of the Salzburger Leite car park in Bad Neustadt / Saale with 81° inclined structure on commission of the Kriesche architects' office (2016 - 2019)


as self-sufficient parking facility or as functional element of shopping facilities, business centres, educational institutions, hospitals, event and leisure facilities,

as an underground car park or surface building,

as a car park with ramps or as a compact automated parking system,

as a new or existing building,

the success of a parking facility will be assessed on the grounds of its user-friendliness and economic efficiency. The optimal location as well as the integration into the existing urban and traffic infrastructure are the guiding principles of our traffic planning of parking facilities.


Our Services

Demand analysis and dimensioning

  • Site-related and functionally-conditioned traffic generation as daily, weekly, annual time variation curves
  • Parking space situation on public streets, competing parking facilities 
  • Urban planning, parking space concepts
  • Building law related requirements

Car park design planning

  • System variants
  • Preferred system
  • Ground plan layout
  • Height planning
  • Traffic guidance
  • Fire sectors
  • Escape routes
  • Sign-posting
  • Handling system

Traffic connection

  • Dimensioning and positioning of the required access ways 
  • Tailback spaces
  • Routing

Superior road network

  • Analyses of capacity  
  • Traffic distribution and re-routing of parking traffic 
  • Analyses of capacity at forecast level 
  • Dimensioning of measures for enlargement of streets 
  • Traffic guidance concept
  • Parking space concept

Economic analyses

  • Operator concepts
  • Cost estimation
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Viability assessments

Noise scrutiny

  • Noise calculations (level of estimation)
  • Measurements of noise level (Air and impact noise)
  • Noise protection and noise reduction concepts


  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Bid assessment
  • Decision recommendations
  • Advance information procedure
  • Bidders contest
  • Functional tender
  • Tender according to specifications
  • Investor selection process

Construction supervision / Acceptance procedures

  • Building supervision
  • Technical acceptance “Traffic”

Redevelopment planning and supervision

  • General appraisal
  • Design of measures for the improvement of the traffic-related, plant-specific and economic functionality
  • Redevelopment planning for mechanized and automated parking systems


Additional information


„Parkhäuser und Tiefgaragen“ - Handbuch und Planungshilfe
ca. 550 Seiten, über 600 Abbildungen, 2 Bände im Schuber
Deutsche Ausgabe - ISBN 978-3-938666-08-1